I don't have anything to do these days.
[font=Noto Sans, Noto Sans JP, Noto Sans KR, Helvetica, Microsoft YaHei, Apple SD Gothic Neo, Malgun Gothic, 맑은 고딕, Dotum, 돋움, sans-serif][font='Noto Sans', 'Noto Sans JP', 'Noto Sans KR', Helvetica, 'Microsoft YaHei', 'Apple SD Gothic Neo', 'Malgun Gothic', '맑은 고딕', Dotum, 돋움, sans-serif]Do you have any interesting games recently? Please recommend one.[/font][/font]

fall guys is fun

Pick up a hobby, pick up ANY hobby. Go watch some Youtube, find inspiration, you will eventually find something.

Idk but your post appears to be buggy

My fav new hobby is learning about edible plants in the wild. Gives you a new lens to look at the world with.

video games is what i do