I'm a front-end developer but I hate my job and need a change
I've been working 8yrs+ has a front-end developer and I don'r enjoy it anymore, but I feel old to make a change

What would you do?

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Swap over to IT itself, and get a job that requires no actual programming. Go get the Cisco certs so you can babysit routers all day and not do much else. You could probably also find one of those jobs where you can remote in and stay home all day and chill and not ever deal with office drama.

You don't like programming in general or just front end?

What's the part you hate more? Programming itslef or just the html+css stuff

Also you say you are old. Age range?

What parts about it do you like? It could be possible to find a job that puts more focus on that.

Maybe a change in company? Culture, tech stack, product etc all affect job satisfaction. It sounds like you're in a rough spot having such investment in these skills but not being happy, it'd be a shame to throw that away without trying some sort of smaller change first.

You also don't need to code as a front-end developer, UX are considered front-end. I see more people use JS into Velocity JS nowadays, but it's a bit vague, what do you do as a front-end developer?

Maybe ask yourself this, why did you get into it in the first place?

Usually these sort of attitudes it due to your work environment.

Find your passion
Which then your will find your happiness