I'm sure everyone is paying attention to everything that is written in these intros.
I'm a big fan of the idea that there's a base of users here who are poring over these intro posts that people are making because they're a bit too horny online one day and they decide that they need to post here to get their contributor rating up so they can see the thread they made the account for. It's just really funny to me. Like, I'll write a whole thing here, whatever, but unless I'm missing something major about the site culture (maybe there are secret forums full of people becoming best friends) this is a really funny formality. Oh, well! What's up.

Yes, I am here exactly for the best friends route and not because I want a higher credit count.

See, you just need to avoid making posts on the NSFW forums first. Apparently you need to post in the normal SFW forums for a few months to get access to hidden links? Kind of unclear on how it works, but it's all good.

I'm in a big whole myself. All I saw was earn credits for comments. Didn't even know there was a sfw section.

Yea, it's a lot of work for one unlock, and it limits your daily posts.

Guess it's the easiest way to push for that premium model like those freemium app games