I recommend this game for a quarantined Easter : Hollow Knight
[Image: hollow-knight-voidheart-edition-ps4-review-2.jpg]

Hollow Knight is a brilliant take on the metroidvania genre, and one that elevates the quality bar for all similar games. The hand-drawn art style looks absolutely stunning in all of the many various areas. Combat and platforming both feel very precise and satisfying, though combat is more of the focus of this game. The music is just... sublime. This is one of the very, very few video game soundtracks I have ever listened to on my own time.

[Image: false_knight.jpg]
People have mixed feelings on this, but I loved the way the game forces you to explore without a map for a while and get lost, before you piece the area together in your head and/or find a map. It's not much of a hindrance, but it ramps up the immersion considerably.

People sometimes compare HK to Dark Souls, and I think it is deserved; there's intricate level design, high-risk high-reward combat, finding checkpoints after braving tough sections (benches instead of bonfires), dropping your money when you die (better spend it!), and the feeling of exploring a world that is close to its end. I finished the game at 38 hours, but there was actually a lot of other content and bosses I did not even get to. There's a secret final boss for crying out loud!

[Image: mines.jpg]

This game is an absolute steal for its asking price of 14,99€ (maybe depends on where you are), and you'll be doing yourself a huge favor to try this game out. It's definitely tough, but the feeling you get from making progress is richly worthwhile. Loved it, 10/10, and can't wait for the sequel!

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looks good, will deff look into it

I have to check it!

Waiting for Silksong and I also highly recommend this game!