Ideas for countries where you visit frequently but don't live
Tourist traps are all used up...I am thinking it would be something like a continuing project or a way to engage with the locals...

japan is a good one to visit. get good convos time to time to understand the culture. shit to live in tho

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Japan - best place to visit, costly to live in big metro and very against foreigner in a rural area
Taiwan - Metro Area ( expensive to live, get the same continent/modern like other city but still costly) The rest of Taiwan living index is very friendly to live imo
China - Expensive in general and too rural for outskirt area, toxic culture for someone who does not like autocracy, perfect for people who don't care about gov policy that penetrates all the way to your cell. and nope, you can't legally go on porn site in CN

Mexico - you'll get shot, even in the touristy areas. And maybe even disappeared by suspicious people.
Canada - Death by covid protocols. And that doesn't include their winters.
Africa - Space of AIDS.
Russia - I still can't figure out why that nation likes fucking itself over so much.