Impractical Jokers
Just started going on a binge of this show and I’ve really been enjoying it. Sal is probably my favorite joker but Joe is very fun too. Sucks Joe is leaving though

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I love that show.  Don't remember what season it is but there is an episode where one of them has to be an animal handler/presenter for a group at a zoo.  I about died I was laughing so hard. He was deathly afraid of pretty much EVERY animal.

I didn't even hear Joe was leaving the show, but I just searched it up now. It probably won't be the same anymore with the four friends dynamic. Shooting must also get harder and harder with how well known they are now with the movie and stuff

Yeah I imagine it mus be tougher to "trick" people especially in the skits where they are like in a mall or something with a ton of people.  Chances are they would be recognized.  Hard to convince someone you are who they are pretending to be when you have people like OMG I LOVE YOUR SHOW can i have your autograph type thing.  I think the skits where they call people or go to like a doctors office still have a decent chance at success but it will definitely be different especially missing one of the cast. Will have to see.  Even if it goes downhill it was fun while it lasted and alot of the episodes are worth re-watching.

Joe is my fav on this show. He can really commit to the joke

agreed joes the best imo sucks hes out

Skoopski potatoes for lyf ❣️.......