I figure from browsing around, this is the place to say hello to the forums, and to start earning credits. 

So hello! I hope I’m able to make it out of the credit hole and start enjoying content, and contributing to the forums other users.
[Image: 0-E480-BB8-0-DCB-4-E02-8-DD8-2-FBC13-A97-F1-A.jpg]

[Image: 6394-B8-B7-E4-FF-40-B4-9-DDB-7-D57918-AF0-E7.jpg]

[Image: BE15472-B-E6-F4-43-AE-B849-393-F0065-A8-CF.jpg]

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Damn bro, that’s hot

well that is hot indeed. I am also a new member and I am already enjoying the content you’re posting. thank you

Very nice intro I like the pics

ayy linzor, she is on my snapchat recommended all the time