Is F.R.I.E.N.D.S over rated?
I was just discussing with friends of mine that friends is one of the best TV shows that which he said that friends is over rated .....what are your opinions??
Comment below and the thread if you think that friends is best and you can binge watch is hundreds of times...!!

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I personally think it’s overrated. Some aspects are corny to me.

I could never sit thru a full episode of friends. Never really got into it at all. Idk kinda stale.

Yea kinda. I mean I definitely see the appeal of the show, but I'm not into it you know? And I feel like there's many people who are not into it as well. But if we talk about what the internet has to say about the show then you'll see many people who thinks that it's one of the best show of all time. Lemme say this, people nowadays like the show due to nostalgia, am I getting that right?

I can definitely binge it but it's not the G.O.A.T, I prefer shows with a nice blend of funny & awkward

The laugh soundtracks are kinda annoying to me

Great show, but a bit outdated for modern times.

It’s def overrated but a good show

Amazing for it's time Aged terribly bad

I think it's overrated but the show is good. The show would have been perfect if they had toned down the annoying scenes of Ross and Rachel.
Now the trend is to hate on friends being cringe, overrated and such.

i too think the same. saw a couple of seasons didnt like that much. finally its all based on personal preference right.

Grew up with it so can’t hate it. It’s almost like bgm lol

yeah i think it is a bit overrated. it isnt anything too unique compared to other tv shows

ya lol the laughtracks ruin it for me

It’s one kf those shows that either you can’t stand or love... i think it’s a fun show to waste time on or to watch in the background but it doesn’t have anything to qualify as a great show. Just a feel good show