Is Golf a Sport?
Why’s there controversy around Golf being a sport or not? I mean you’re outside, and you’re hitting a ball into a hole. That’s the goal of a lot of sports, so why not Golf?

I don't think I've ever heard someone say it isn't a sport, just that it's a boring sport

It's definitely a sport, but probably the most boring sport on earth. And I don't get the Boomer/old person fascination with this sport, and why they spend so much money on it.

Golf is a sport. What people usually have against is that its just for the ultra rich, and it uses a ton of water to maintain the grass fields

Its a sport but in the same category as darts is also considered a sport

The only thing that really holds golf back is how extreme the learning curve is. Golf is actually super fun to play with friends but feels awful if you're new/you suck.

Of course its sports.