Is Onyx Worth it
I want to do it but it's a hassle to get bitcoin with all the verification crap. For those who have it, is the onyx lounge actually worth all the extra work it takes to get there?

I know it's not the site's fault, it's the stupid government with all the regulatory crap.

I put this out every so often for people, publicly.

Please do not upgrade for Onyx Lounge only. A lot of scummy sites promise a lot of extras, a whole lot of exclusives, and to avoid disappointment, I say to people, Only upgrade to Onyx if you see yourself here long term.

The added benefit of the backup links, which last a bit longer than normal, because fewer people access/report them.
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Thank you for your input

Is crypto the only way to go for the lifetime account?

I've had onyx for years. i dont even visit the lounge. Sometimes I go over a year without even remembering to visit the site overall. Was it worth it? Of course. The backup links indeed are great when the regular one is dead. I mean, with the cost of a happy meal these days... how expensive is onyx really? not very expensive lol. well unless it went up since i paid for it. i have no idea lol