Is Torrenting Dead now?
Started using Utorrent again to get some old TV Series but it seems torrenting is the thing of the past? Not many seeders or new release torrent?

Is there something new?

i think it's less popular now since legal streaming services have become so much better - for me it used to be easier to torrent a show than get it through 'official' channels, now it's the opposite

Lol no, but the communities that do it are much more hidden away

Yeah its better to stream the shows now, most shows get released the day of

Definitely not dead just harder.

For now i use only private trackers

Ohh so private tracking is the same as torrenting right?

How do you get onto private tracking?

Like others have said, it's definitely not dead, but it has become less popular due to streaming services I think. Private trackers are still great though!

Hmmm ok need to start looking into private trackers. thanks for the advice!

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Why should it? Still now plenty people who do it on a regular basis

Agree, even though you have to admit that it´s strange to talk to a stranger via botnet,

It ain't dead yet

Private trackers are the way to go for now

Not dead, just evolved. For example you have Popcorn time to watch movies while torrenting them

Its so difficult to find/join a private tracker.. I miss the old days

I think it's still very much alive and kicking. I still use it for recently released shows...

Of course its not. Lots of people download movies and series so...

If you know where to look its not dead

I think it just went underground there are still sites like that are pretty active

A lot of good torrent tracking sites went down and torrenting is not nearly as popular as it was when I was in middle axhool