Is it better to binge a movie franchise or show or to watch it with some time between
I was wondering how people felt about this. I understand most people rather binge a show to get it out of the way and get all that satisfaction now but I feel there are benefits to having some gaps of time between episodes or movies. The biggest example of this for me is the kill Bill movies. (some spoilers ahead).
I saw both movies back to back and I feel I did a deservice to myself because there were subtle things I didn't get to appreciate because I didn't have a chance to think about them. It went over my head that they never say her name in the first movie so when they do in the sequel then I didn't appreciate the moment. There are also things like who is bill and what not that get better explained on the sequel which I didn't even noticed because in my head both movies were almost one movie. 
Do you guys think then that it's better not to binge stuff so you can savor it between episodes? Or it's better to just binge and get the whole deal right away?

Binge watchinng it isnt a problem its as if

I like binge watching more, I dislike being left on cliffhangers so I prefer to watch it all at once

Over this lockdown period I've binge watched a lot of shows. Last year I binged all of game of thrones in 8 days. I reckon it depends how much you're watching at a time. If it's like a few episodes a day maybe then that's fine since you can discuss character decisions, predict plot etc. Watching a lot at once can cause you to skip over things or not remember them. There's a few shows which I really liked that I need to rewatch because I can't remember them much because I blasted through them

better to watch with time as long as it is coming out in order to discuss with the fan base. but if it's like netflix style then binge all the way. u'll remember if it was good and forget if it wasn't a worthwhile experience.

It really depends on the individual, but I would say if you decide to watch it over time it will stick with you more then if you were to binge watch it.