Is it possible that in a future everything is going to be automated?
Like, AI has grown a lot in the last few years but also the energy expendure associated with it, so, what's your opinion about that?

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In my opinion, it's impossible to make everything automatically. All systems are depending on people. System can't to repair itself, make update and etc. Maybe AI will be more powerful in future, but it's need much time.

some of it will be automated. but I dont think all of them will be

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One weaks of the AI is the reproductibility of what they learned from data. They must have "knowledge" to take decision. The human can't take decision without knowledge (and they often do it -_-)

A lot more things will be automated, but I think things like end-to-end self-driving cars won't happen in our lifetimes unless we convert the entire road map into a network.

I don't think everything has to be automated for AI/algorithms to control everything. Companies like Uber essentially have automated management for its employees. I think in the future what isn't automated will still be dictated by AI.

Meh, AI is often taken way too literally. Definitely a lot of stuff will be automated, but it's still not a magic bullet currently. Different tasks require different algorithms, see the No Free Lunch Theorem.

It depends, define everything

Pushing the red button for a nuke use to be “ai”

it's only a matter of time and hopefully it results in better life for everyone

Fully automation is just simply impossible, and many people will suffer and complain when that happens.

That will definitely happen yea

Energy expenditure should be off-set with workplace travel being minimised and renewables forming the backbone of supply.

But we're only really talking about repetitive tasks. Until creativity is developed (essentially Artificial Intelligence), roles such as teaching, design, care and the arts will stay as human only functions.

I totally agree with this