Is monster Hunter going to be the new Doom of movies?
I have been checking out the trailers for the new monster hunter movie and I feel it is going to be the same disappointment as the doom movie. Doom is a shooter game and the big fights on the movie become fist fights. Monster Hunter is supposed to be about hunting the monsters with swords and other melee weapons made of monster parts and the trailer shows soldiers using machine guns and explosives to fight them....
Do you think Monster Hunter is going to suck and should just be ignored or I am being paranoid?

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No one plays the games for the story I guess, so the movie should atleast not attract the MH players.
Probably fans of Transformer-Movies will like the MH-movie.

AS with all video game movies, I feel like there's a lot going for it and a lot that could be done, but I'm willing to bet the execution is what's going to kill it this time as well...

Quite possibly

Could happen, hope it's good

movies just need to do their own thing. honestly their own thing here seems pretty cool since it looks like monster hunter isekai. just gotta do the hunters justice

If the trailer is anything to go by, the main character charges against Diablos with a pair of fire element Dual Swords... The element that Diablos is resistant against. So don't expect more accuracy towards the games than the general setting or perhaps the lore.

it was good, if they can bring more to the cinematic universe while not watering it down id watch it

i think so tbh

yeah most likely

i dont know hahahhaha