Is racial accuracy important for you in movies or shows?
I was watching the marvel Thor movies and I noticed one of the Vikings was a black man. I also just watched Catherine the great which is set in Russia and half the cast of "russians" were black or asian or whatever. In either case I did not care because I cannot tell the difference between a russian, british or french actor just by looking at them and its kinda the same with a chinese, korean or japanese person so I think making an exception because the races are closer is silly.
Do other people feel diffrently? If so, why is racial accuracy such a big deal to you? The one exception for me to this though is porn. If I want to watch asians or blonds or whatever doing "things" then I would prefer if it was what I searched for.

If it’s historic I think it’s very important. With something like thor, sure it would make more sense if they were white because their race is based on Norse mythology but they’re aliens so it doesn’t really matter. I also think it’s important how the casting was come to. If the studio went, well this whole race is white, we need a black character that’s not cool. If they went wow this guy would be perfect for the role then great. While not getting too sociopolitical, many strive for separation and call it equality.

Doesnt hollywood just cast any asian person and make them olay another asian race?

I'd say if the actor can do a convincing job go for it.

It depends on the movie , on the genre

I don't think it's too important as movies aren't real. However, it is kind of annoying when movies cast someone who acts like an caricature of the race they are suppose to portray.

Not really, just whoever is best for the role, thats important to me

Only to a certain extent. It's hard to tell what kind of Asian/White/Hispanic the actor is if no one researches them. But if they suck at acting then it ruins the entertainment aspect of watching movies for me.

Stop getting offended over the truth

I don't think it really matters

I totally agree

I think it depends on if it has an impact on the plot

ya they need to cast more asians

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as long as its not white washed, I'm fine with it. hamilton was amazing and the only white people were king george and a few ensemble members.

if the actor can convince the audience then go for it

I think only if it's based on a book where the character was a certain race or gender.

It doesn't matter much, I think

depends on character

yeah sure
only with voice acting that it doesnt matter