Is the Snyder Cut worth a rewatch?
Should I watch the Snydrr Cut if I already watched the original cut. Did you guys like it?

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For 4 hours? No. 2 hours? Sure, there's a lot of fillers, and yes while it is slightly different, it doesn't come up on par with movies like the MCU produces.

if you haven't seen it, you should. its much better than the whedon version. you can watch it in chapters if sitting for 4 hours is too long

Go for it I heard it’s pretty good

1000% its wow gud

I would say yes but skip dialogues in the middle and watch the rest.

If I haven't watched either, which should I go for?

100% sure rewatched it my self

I thought it was worth the rewatch. It flows a lot better than the 2017 version.

I guess putting it on in the background and only really watch the reshoot scenes

Sure, if u have 4 hours to spend Big Grin

Yeah i reckon its worth the watch. The chapters are clearly distinguished if you wanted to break up the viewing session. Its really not that bad though

I haven’t watched the original cut since the theater so it was refreshing to see this cut. Very well done I highly recommend watching it!

I didn’t see the first version but this one is pretty good !
Grab enough drinks and snack for the ride

i really enjoyed it, way better than the theatrical cut

I watched it before I knew there was a shorter one. Probably worth it if you really like the movie.

of course, snyder cut is really better than the whedon cut, and characters have more depth