Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley
Tonight is the night of the fight!

Who do you predict will win the fight? Will this validate Jake Paul as a fighter? 

Are any of you actually purchasing the fight?

I feel bad for anyone who bought that fight. That fight was highly overrated.

Are these really that entertaining that they keep happening?

Tyron blew it, he had so many opportunities to close the gap or cut the ring off and throw some combinations. But the man like in his last few fights, just settled with WAITING for the PERFECT opportunity smh

I can't decide between 'the fight was obviously fixed' and 'tyron has lost the ability to pull the trigger'

Lmao honestly TWood just lost the ability to go ham. He’s too hesitant on putting together combinations. That plus I think he actually thought he was winning. 

He definitely won in terms of damage but Jake just out worked him.

Really seemed like Woodley lost on purpose lol. Had a chance to turn up the heat after he rocked him but he did nothing

Yeah, highly overrated fight

wot a joke this was

the fight was fixed but it's not a surpriuse I guess.

he box a real boxer next tommy fury, he will get smashed to pieces.