Jessica Nigri, at the Kino Love Hotel
Jessica's photoshoot at the Kino Love Hotel, wearing a very skimpy but classy see through outfit.[Image: DSC07467-7-GY9.jpg]

[Image: DSC07470-1-Ttf.jpg]

[Image: DSC07478-5s3j.jpg]

[Image: DSC07488-ZLn0.jpg]

[Image: DSC07493-En-AU.jpg]

[Image: DSC07512-u-ZST.jpg]

[Image: DSC07522-3k-UJ.jpg]

[Image: DSC07527-3-ZPf.jpg]

[Image: DSC07533-1-Td8-Q.jpg]

[Image: DSC07677-m8-CM.jpg]

[Image: DSC07684-Ytum.jpg]

[Image: DSC07700-Kd-Zk.jpg]

[Image: DSC07701-WCDh.jpg]

[Image: DSC07704-7-Xua.jpg]

[Image: DSC07707-CWmk.jpg]

[Image: DSC07717-Xc-Is.jpg]

[Image: DSC07724-3v-X7.jpg]

[Image: DSC07725-u-ALg.jpg]

[Image: DSC07754-k6sj.jpg]
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