Just watch the Witcher on Netflix. To be honest, it is kinda overrated.
I don't understand why so many people praise the series as one of the best sci-fi series of recent years. The plot is kinda slow-pacing and hard to follow with all the time jumps around.
The main cast is not good, except for Henry Cavill. Admittedly Henry did a very job as the witcher and I really loved his part. But Yennefer and Triss are just terrible. Triss doesn't look like her image from the book at all. Yennefer is kinda ugly.
The only other good thing about the series is the action scenes. Brilliant choreography and CGI.
I am a big fan of the Witcher universe but this series kinda let me down. I sure hope the series will improve in season 2.

they didnt stick to the main books. if they did it wouldve been better. but coming from the witcher games it was a let down

Honestly thought it was good compared to what they make of most games/books

I wasn't super impressed

Am halfway through the season, seems alright so far. But don't feel the need/want to get to the next episode straight away like some other shows.

I feel like the whole franchise outside the books is overrated.

i really enjoyed it and yennefer got smokin hot

You should play the games. One of the best game i ever played.

isnt thsat a game?

The production value is really good

There is also a live-action adaptation on Netflix. Season 1 tells the story before the first game.

The first season was pretty good in its own right but I think the idea that it was supposed to be the next big thing after Game of Thrones set the bar for it much higher than it would have been if it had been released any other year

There's still time for it to turn into that amazing show. In recent memory, Black Sails is a show that had a slowish first season but then completely exploded in later seasons and became a genuine top-tier series that I'll always be able to rewatch