Korean movies and series worth seeing
I've seen a lot of Bong Joon-ho work, and I would like to learn more about korean culture, but I hate korean soaps, so I'm looking for movies and series not-so-melodramatic

Movies- Oldboy and forgotten.

Tv series- sky castle, Flower of evil, Extracurricular ( all 3 of them are psychological) no bs melo in them

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kingdom on netflix is the only korean tv show i've seen. its like game of thrones. zombies and politics.

Steel Rain is an excellent Korean action film, about a new Korean war nearly starting. It has a second story, Steel Rain 2, but it's a completely different story line. Haven't watched it yet.

There's also Tae Guk Gi, in English, The Brotherhood of War.

Oldboy and the Vengeance Trilogy which Oldboy is one of.

Definetely the movie "Burning" its is excellent

My fav Korean directors along with Bong

Park Chan Wook - Oldboy, Thirst, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
Na Hong Jin - Chaser, The Wailing
Lee Chang Dong - Peppermint Candy, Burning, Secret Sunshine
Kim Jee Woon - I Saw the Devil, Tale of Two Sisters

oldyboy for sure!

Sweet home or Extra curriculum on Netflix are not too soap and kinda ok,