Late Suicide Squad Thoughts
Just the first five minutes of the movie was already better than the other one in my opinion, but I wanna know what your gripes for the movie are? I really only have two, one being how many people they kill off, cause for me one of the things I like about hero movies is the backstories of the different heroes and villains. Of course that really means I should just read th comics. My second thing is going witubth whole father daughter scenario again in the movie. I know James Gunn has a whole daddy issues streak in his movies but idk, it seems almost like a complete lift from the first one, the only difference being that Bloodsport is a shitty dad

having not seen the original, all i can say is i liked this movie just fine. Some really great action and fun character work. I liked that they killed characters off like pete davidson's. so unexpected and bold.

I think most of the side story with Harley and the president was pretty useless and the end credit scene with Peacemaker surviving. But overall much better than the original.

I loved it. I think it really let James Gunn channel his old troma days with the ridiculous almost humorous gore. I think my only gripe is that they should have just recat deadshot instead of calling him bloodsport. I understand that the comic characters are different, but from a movie perspective they're the same fucking person. haha.

It was alright

I really liked it. Way better than the first one. I think it might also be the best DCEU movie, but man of steel still holds a special plave in my heart.

I was so wonderful to watch it.