Learning how to code VS using a website builder?

Considering that website builders are decently advanced these days, do you guys think it’s still worth it to learn how to code and make your own site? This would be for a small business. 

I’m currently going through beginner courses on HTML/CSS, and I definitely see the upsides of having complete control over every element, but part of me feels that I could just use a site builder and be done with it all. In your experience, do you think using a site builder is acceptable enough for most industries?

Not really, unless you can get into the enterprise market. There is no money in small site web dev anymore. Especially when website builders and out of the box stuff are easier to use and produce more reliable results


Today we mostly use Javascript to render HTML, check for some framework like react/vue.
Thoses are pretty strong and helpfull while building website, that is even faster than building your site from scratch also for one-paged sites.


I’m trying to get into making my own website but it’s so damn difficult

It depends on your objective. If you just want to advertise yout business, most site builders will do the trick. If you want to make very specific things, like a user control panel, specific areas for users, clients or employees, etc, it'll be good to build your website. Not from scratch, though, as isotortoise said, you can use a framework like React (probably the most famous one?) to accelerate the process. But it's still important to learn the basics - HTML, CSS and javascript - since you'll use these on the said frameworks.