Leaving California for Texas
There is some trend of people leaving CA for TX...why do you think this is?

Some are business reasons for sure...TX has less regulation and lower taxes..

Also, CA real estate makes no damn sense...
There are couple of reason imo

1. CA population fed up with the crowded city and nonsense public service, just to list a few
- police cannot stop crime due to budget cut
- policy does not support law enforcement to prevent crime come back to the neighborhood
- insufficient man-power to run the city in a reasonable manner(long permit wait time, request, follow up)
- general policy goes against the traditional value that some people don't like(drug use, school policy, etc)
- extremely high cost in the metro area
- weather getting worse
- traffic
- city government interfere too much in our life on policy
Cheaper in TX.
A lot of Silicon Valley has fled to Texas because it's cheaper to run those businesses there. Austin/Dallas/Houston all have major Internet hubs, so connecting with genuine high-speed hubs is no problem. Same goes for a lot of the manufacturing. CA has extremely high taxes, as compared to all the other states, save for NY and NYC proper. Why start a business only to be regulated and taxed to death? That's capitalism at its finest. But then again, our country is designed for the States to compete with each other economically.

So a lot of us commiefornians move to Texas for good-paying jobs, cheap housing, and to get out from under punitive taxes. Most go to Austin because that's the one liberal city in TX, and they are a kind of CA colony. Right now, CA is losing its tax base, and the train is about to run off the cliff. Why? Everyone that makes good money is leaving, and CA is stuck with the working class, those with land, and the illegals that don't pay taxes. And the system is set up to punish citizens, but help illegals.

Fun fact: why does CA have tons of wildfires every year? Answer: the Governor gets the President to declare CA a disaster area, and then they get free Federal Funds. And then CA doesn't do any forestry management, so we have annual fires, instead of fires every decade or so. And they do this because the Legislature can't balance a budget.

So that's why it's happening. Poor Texans, their kids are going to be part commiefornian soon.
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