Let's talk about RESIDENT EVIL 3 Remake
So, as a fan of the first batch of the series (1 2 3 rebirth code veronica), I really liked the RE2 Remake, (aside from the lab art direction)
But I'm afraid about this new iteration. The original 3 is not my best bet either.

What are your thought ?

The remake of the 1999 classic Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is a good game, but its not as good as last years RE2 remake and it also might not even be that good of a remake. It has a decent replay value, but not really sure if it's worth the 60$ price tag. Highly recommended to get the game on sale.

+ Jill is finally back in a mainline RE game. She hawt, prettier, stronger and thiccer than ever.
+ The mix of action and horror. Some may not like it, but i really enjoyed the addition of more action elements like Jill's dodge move and Carlos' punch.
+ Nemesis in the first half. He's much more threatening in the first half compared to the 2nd half
+ The graphics and performance. I didn't even download the latest drivers as i forgot, but it not only looked great, the performance was smooth as butter.
+ Decent replay value with the added bonuses of a 'shop' once you complete the game once, and harder difficulties if you completed the game on hardcore.

- Hardcore difficulty is way easier compared to Last year's RE2 Remake, as there are no ink ribbons and it also enables auto-save. WTF? I thought Hardcore was meant to be a mode for veterans of the series, not a basic hard version of the standard mode. This choice really didn't make much sense if you ask me.
- Nemesis in the 2nd half. His role becomes much more scripted in the 2nd half and more of a boss encounter which is dissapointing since if you compare it to Mr. X from last year, he stalks you till the end of the game, even though some of the moments are still scripted.
- Very short length and no different scenarios (and choices like in the original RE3) or endings. This is really dissapointing as it really downgrades the replay value of the game. Like i said, the replay value overall is decent because of the certain new things you'll be able to get once you've complete the first run. But once that's done, that's really it.
- Cut Content. The amount of cut content here really sucks. There are several parts of the campaign that are missing, and the fan favourite mode 'Mercenaries' is completely absent from the game, replaced with the Resistance multiplayer mode... that nobody asked.


the game's graphics were magnificent, in that part I put my hand on the fire to praise, but they cut the story of the first resident evil 3 for the remake a lot, I was happy that a classic game like this took remake but a little disappointed with the story cut that the game had

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Apart from the cut content, the game became too short and honestly not worth the price tag asked by Capcom. I think they just tried to cash in on the success of RE2 remake and really didn't plan how to best execute RE3 remake. It's a real shame since RE3 is a real classic and seeing it butchered even after the success of RE2 remake. Honestly, Capcom should have given a longer developmental time, RE3 remake released a year after RE2 remake.