Listening while you sleep.
What do you all listen to when you go to bed? I have to have something playing. Lately I've just been listening to audiobooks with baritone narrators, like Stephen Fry's rendition of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but I'll listen to any chill-enough audiobook or podcast, and sometimes I just turn on playlists of my favorite stand-up comedians. How about you?

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I listen to fireflies before I go to sleep to help relax me

I usually start documentaries or youtube videos about History. It's nice because I learn some new things. The only issues is that I'm an idiot and sometimes I just watch the entire videos and did not fall asleep.

Unless I'm super tired, I cannot fall asleep while anything is on in the background.

I listen to clips from Cum Town because I'm a simple creature and I like to laugh.

Secretly I'm afraid that it'll make me both gay and retarded subliminally.

I usually leave on some simple gaming video, and just go to sleep, or I find myself a nice livestream and go to sleep with that on

something boring, so my go to is either NPR or Channel 13, they talk slow, quite, and its overall just boring shit. Puts you to sleep even if you aren't tired

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I listen to some light music, helps me to relax

moonlight sonata