Looking for a new series, what are you most excited about?
I’m looking for some new show to watch, would like it if it was pretty new, thriller, bit of action, murder story maybe. What would you really recommend? I do own a lot of streaming services, so just shoot!

True detective (not so new)
Lupin (new)

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I personally love Lost, MASH, blacklist, Boston legal and Dr. Who.

My favourite is Hannibal (in case you didn’t watch it)

Titans, its based on a comic book but its a pretty good show. or hannibal if you havent seen it

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My favorite series of all time is Mr. Robot, very good Thriller with some action and murder as well as a lot of hacking and psychological stuff, very good.

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You should watch Power. Not so new, but there is a sequel show to it that has just released so once you catch up you can enjoy in real time.

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The White Lotus on HBO Max is a murder mystery (at least I think it is, so far)

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Mr. Robot's pilot episode is one of the most perfect screenplays I've ever read

Thank you all for the suggestions! Got a nice new list now :-)

lupin on netflix was really cool

Definitely watch Breaking Bad if you haven't already. If you have, then watch Better Call Saul. Both shows are utter masterpieces.

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If you're into sci-fi, definitely check out The Expanse