Looking for recommendations: What are you favorite youtube channels?
Like the title suggests what are you favorite youtube channels? 

For me it depends on the subject but ill start:

Woodworking/Maker: Blacktail studio, I like to make stuff

Food: Sam the cooking guy, ethan chlebowski, joshua weissman

Informational: Johnny Harris, Mark Rober

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Filthy Frank

Broooo Joshua Weissman is so good

I used to follow Yes Theory a lot but I haven’t kept up with them.

I’ve always been a Sidemen fan, since they started but I still watch their stuff nowadays too

Yeaj Weissman is fucking hilarious, everytime he says "Papa" i lose it haha

Jerma985 is a classic comedy gaming channel. Love his work

Linus Tech Tips. I watched some PC-building videos to learn a few things and stayed even for the other content.

Lmao I love Sam the Cooking Guy. Dude is hilariois

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Accursed Farms. The guy does long videos of pretty obscure or old games. He doesn't have a regular upload schedule so his videos feel like they have more heart put into them.

Check out Tom Nicholas.

Scott the Woz

if you haven't noticed I mostly watch gaming channels