Married Dad's who use this site....
Hey everyone, 

New to this whole concept of online posting. I stumbled across this site while bored at home.

My question/thought is how many other married dads are on here? Should I feel bad that I'm doing this while my wife is pregnant with our second child?

Cheers to everyone enjoying the site.

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Why would you feel bad? It's just like any other porn site. Dad's watch porn too

Married with a grow up kid + 3 step kids and a grandson. It's like window shopping, it's not like your seeing another woman; just admiring the view.

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Half the porn in this site is questionable af dude. Just keep it on the low down

Why is half the porn on this site questionable af? tbf, half the porn on most mainstream porn sites are questionable af lol

totally understandable my guy, and congratulations.

For the majority of people porn is pure fantasy. We all look at things online that excite us but know we would never (hopefully) act on that impulse if the opportunity was before us or our significant other wasn't okay with it.

A bit of an extreme example but a girl that I spoke with for awhile was telling me about how see tried to organize a gang bang. The amount of men she had contact her saying they would attend only to cancel was really high. I think most people find the idea more exciting than the act..

I guess its normal, your wife doesnt see it this way?