Mass Effect 4
After lets call it weak Wink to be honest - Mass Effect Andromeda.
Bioware still tries to resurrect ME but is there a point to it? 
What do you guys think? 

I'm just curious how exactly they plan on continuing the story? Are they just going to go with the fact that only one of those multiple endings was the canon one or something else? There is room for success still but they need way more supervision and better handling compared to Andromeda, because that thing was so much of a mess I couldn't even finish it.

It’ll be weird to see how they continue the story, maybe Liara is the only living person of the crew?

I dont understand why people think continuing the story would be weird or hard to do. They can have an enemy from another galaxy show up just how humans send colony ships to other galaxies in the spin off game. You could have a reaper cult formed in the galaxy or a crime syndicate or a new agressive species of some kind...

So it's going to be a continuation I guess. Bioware's been shit recently so IDK how I feelt bout this