Mayweather vs Paul
Who y’all got??? I got Mayweather in the first minute ez

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Baitest money grab going man

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Ii got Paul 100%

I honestly don’t understand these people man. Like isn’t mayweather( a professional boxer and champion) gonna knock that little blonde kid in the first round lmao?

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I bet my money on Mayweather

A cakewalk for Mayweather... just like his "fight" with McGregor. Mayweather is arguably the greatest boxer of our time, possibly a top 3 ever (IMO)... And it is just an exhibition, its not sanctioned as a title fightor nothing. Just a giant payday for Paul like the best Christmas gift ever...

What type of work, or ranking or being a super nice guy did he really do to deserve a shot in the ring with Mayweather? Terrence Crawford (ranked pound for pound #1 in the World) knocked out 3 outta 4 of his last oppents with 28 knockouts as a professional welterweight and he can't get a shot at Mayweather..

Pacquia can't get another shot, Errol Spence can't get a shot with Mayweather, you or I couldn't get a shot like this, but Paul just up and gets a payday like this?

Congrats to him and Mayweather opening up this celeb/social media star versus battles, Win lose or draw this fight will set Paul for the rest of his life and his childrens lives if hes even just somewhat cognisant with his earnings...

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Nah man 1st round just ain’t mayweathers style he’s gonna drag it out and just not get hit

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Absolute joke  Big Grin

i’m sayin lmao no chance

the whole thing is staged

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Mayweather ofc, but it’s 2020 so anything can happen

Mayweather, but I think he takes his time and maybe even just out points Paul and goes the distance.

Paul has a significant weight and reach advantage over Mayweather, so I think he might be able to keep enough distance to lose on points instead of getting KO'd, but there's no way in hell Paul actually wins.

Mayweather obviously. The man went undefeated his whole fucking career,.

Mayweather may not be too good in his offensive output but god damn his defensive work is god-tier. He'll probably neutralise any offensive threat Paul offers. Though you could make the argument about the height-reach imbalance interfering in the fight too.

Couldn’t even beat KSI

logan couldn’t even beat ksi  Big Grin

anyone that's got Paul has obviously never seen Mayweather in action before, he is a literal MASTER, Paul's a good athlete sure, but he ain't no master.

is this fr lol

I just want an entertaining fight, with no long lasting injuries, also to see Paul get clobbered a bit.

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That shit weak