Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo?
Most say their last encounter was the match played two days ago (Barcelona vs Juventus). Do you think they'll play against each other any time soon? For whom do you root?

I don’t watch too much soccer unless it’s the only sport on tv. But I know that Messi is consideeed to be the best soccer player of our generation.

I like Messi more but gotta respect Ronaldo and his insane work

Two of the very best players, but Ronaldo doesn't impress me as much as Messi do

Messi for sure better than Ronaldo.

I feel this won't be their last encounter (though if they will remain the protagonists of the match when it happens is debatable). Personally, I believe Messi has superior technique overall but Cristiano compensates with his athleticism and insane work ethic. And it is for this last reason that I'm #teamcris Arrow

Cristiano Ronaldo is an amazing player, and i think he is more complete than Messi, he actually is a great goalscorer, has a great dribling, good header and he can obiusly carry a game for the team. He sure is an amazing player and he has worked out a lot to get where it is
The thing is that Lionel Messi is way more natural, and the things he does actually are at some grade imposible. Messi maybe is not much a complete type of playe like Ronaldo, but he really doesnt need all that to show off, He makes it look that is easy.
So for me the best is Lionel Messi, not only in the present, but of all time as well

Messi is the most naturally gifted but Ronaldo works incredibly hard at all of his game.