Microsoft acquiring Blizzard/Activision / Future of WoW
What do you guys think about Microsoft owning WoW now? Do you think it will fix the problems with the game?

I honestly think it depends on how much shake up there is within departments.  Either way change won't be immediate.  If I remember right it's supposed to take place in 2024?  Next expac will be out by them. I am hoping that Microsoft will pay attention to the forums etc about storywriting and what most fans have thought about it for awhile now.  I am also hoping to see some change to the way mythic + is done as its a super stale system.  That being said I am also hoping that microsoft getting blizz doesnt just equal more micro transactions ^^.  Want another hearthstone? 2.99  Want to post more auctions?  5.99 per set of 10 etc.  Hopefully its good change lol Big Grin