Monitor or TV for all around computer usage?
Ive always just used a TV hooked up to my battlestation, but it certainly has drawbacks - for example, even with a mini ITX build, you cant bring it anywhere because your "monitor" is fuckhuge 65", but it makes TV and gaming so much better. Do you guys have both and just switch displays when needed?

Eu só uso o monitor

I think TV is terrible due to the slow response time and resolution. Not to mention color accuracy.
I got a Samsung Odyssey G9 and it was the best investment I've ever made.

The Samsung Odyssey G9 is a fantastic monitor.

Holy shit that thing looks fun but its also 2K CAD. I mean this non insultingly, are you single? Honestly, I wouldnt even mind being single as much because i think itd be fun to sink all my income into myself like sex dolls, monitors like that, etc haha. I make six figure but im saving for a house so i cant buy shit like that - jealous lol

Tv all the way because I don't play competitive games. Co-op or single player only.

I hope to get a new tv in the future, my current one is over 10 years, and my 12 years monitor while good, is very basic.

If antialiasing doesn't bother you go for tv because you sit close to tv you gonna see pixles if you don't want that go for monitor

Eu só uso o monitor

The reason most people don't use TVs to PC game are poor pixel density and input lag. However your TV is basically a monitor as it is only 24", and Samsung claims only 5ms in input delay. There should be no issues using it.