Most Embarassing sex experience?
what is peoples Most Embarassing sex experience?

I remember one time I went out on a date with a lady and we went over to her parents house and had sunday dinner. She was a thick cornfed country girl, and for dinner we had big slabs of country ham, cornbread, greens, green beans, and ... butter beans. I had to work about two hours away from their house so they let me spend the night for the weekend out there. We fooled around that night like normal and went to sleep. The next day we decided we'd go out in the woods and ride four wheelers in the mud.

We got out there and started fooling around. Normal stuff, I bent her over the rear rack and started fucking her. She was a little wild so halfway through she was like "stick it in my ass", so I did. I fucked her so hard up the ass and came like a firehose.

I remember I pulled my dick out of her ass and noticed something sticky on it.

It was a whole, undigested butter bean from the night before. Sitting right on top of the head of my dick.

It slid off my dick and I could literally feel the weight of it. I started dry heaving, and immediately vomited all over the leaves.