Most faps a day?
What's your record?
Do you get help?

Get help? HA, what do you think this forum is for?

5 a day i think

The 11th one was not my proudest but had to power through lol

my record is 5, maybe 6

My max was 12 in a day but i might fap once evwry other day

I think ive done 8 but I don't plan to do that any time soon. The next day my dick was destroyed, couldnt jack off for 2 days afterwards.

Think 5 is also my top

i think ive hit 7 in one day. i had alot of free time to burn

all time record was 7 I'm pretty sure, but that was years ago now lol

mine was, like, seven i think

I think like 9 back in the day. Lol

Probably 3, I haven't really tried to make a record

I do once or twice a day.

Honestly, probably 15 in a day. Dick died after.

four times a day and the strength of the blek pentha is stripped away

7 or 8, all i remember is having barely any juice left on the final stroke

prolly around 5

over 9000 easy

maybe 12, after my first masturbation ajjajaj thats hurts jajajjaja