Most interesting YouTube channels
Hey everyone,
I'm looking to expand my horizons a little, so please post your favorite YT channels - I guess I'm looking less for music and more for short lectures or pretty much anything you think is interesting.
Thanks a bunch!

Prefer Tiwtch, hotter gurls

Check out Mark Rober. Used to work for NASA, now engineers and tries to make people's lives easier.

There is lots of good horror on YouTube. I recommend some stuff to wet your palate like Gemini Home Entertainment, Local58, or anything by Wham City Comedy/ Alan Resnick

For science communication & entertainment; VSauce, Veritasium, SmarterEveryDay, SciShow, It's Okay To Be Smart, Kyle Hill.

For travel & interesting stories; Great Big Story, Tom Scott.

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"Ordinary Things" is great on every single level.
"Cecil Mcfly" - Talks about a few lolcows.
"Count Dankula" - Talks about madlads.

lockpicking lawyer
he has a lot of videos on picking locks
pretty interesting to watch and they're also only 2-3 minutes each

I don’t know, I watch a lot more Spanish YouTube channels, but I really liked vsauce and.... that’s the only one I remember right now, sorry

Ordinary Sausage. The real ones know.

one of my favourite sites, great stuff

Very good short brain melting stories : exurb1A
Nice VFX : Corridor crew