Motivation suggestions?
Trying to get fit with lockdown but motivations been pretty low. I lack consistency when picking up new routines like going to the gym and working out.

How do you guys stay motivated durings these times? Mainly what routines/habits do you incoporate into your routine? Any tips or suggestions are welcomed!

I start with diet(portion control)
I take pictures of myself every week and record my weight drop every day to reinforce the idea
I won't punish myself for over-eating but I set reminders that I should re-portion the next couple of week.
This process should assist you to lose 6-8 lbs
Start exercise(10 mins) with dumbbells/weight/squat
Continue to take pictures of yourself to recognize the change

It takes me 9 months to lose 19 lbs but I don't have any rebound since this slow process changes a lot of your eating habits.