Mourinho's next steps?
Any EPL fans here? been following Tottenham ever since Mourinho took over but now i'm thinking what is going on with this team? what do you guys think about who's gonna make the Top Four?

city, man utd, leicester and chelsea will made the top 4

I agree with the guy above, city, leicester, united and chelsea will make the top four. Mourinho is a great manager, but I think he is kinda of lost in the ways of the team playing.

he will return to Porto fc

As poor as Spurs have been, I don’t see Mou leaving between now and the start of next season. When he is inevitable sacked tho, I could see him returning to Italy.

Will they? Just got thumped 5-2 against WB!!! Chelsea and Man U to drop out, look at their fixtures Big Grin Cool

Tottenham has good players, i'm not sure what happened to them lately

I reckon he'll get sacked soon. Over the past few years, he's only managed to have 1 good first season and then things start to fall apart immediately after.

Seems every managers know too well of Mou tactics. Maybe he is in this game too long & did not evolve with current modern tactics? Lol

Well this went well...

He might end up at Bayern, I think.