NFL 2021 season - which will be the biggest over and underachieving teams
The new season is right around the corner - which of last season's divisional champions will suck the hardest and which of last season's divisional losers will perform best?
I reckon the 49ers have a shot at the NFC west and think the Steelers might not even make the play offs.

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Steelers way overrated. I hope Cardinals make playoffs. Honestly think that 9ers will have growing pains before anything happens (i.e. not this year)

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All teams in the NFC East go under 500, prove me wrong

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I like the niners but idk if they can really win it all w/ Jimmy G

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Cardinals have plenty of talent on both sides of the ball. Really excited by their offense. I expect them to win games in january.

I feel like the Bills will disappoint. They do have talent too, but i think Josh Allen overachieved last year. He's a talented kid, but his fantastic season basically came out of nowhere after two poor first seasons. I still have doubts about them.

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