NFL or any sports draft, 2021 and beyond
Most fans knows the draft is a pretty big crapshoot. Prospects are only prospects and a majority don't live up to expectations while late round bloomers can blossom at any minute. With college season either shortened, non existent or with opt outs, how do you think this will play out for scouting and drafting in the future? Hopefully this global pandemic doesn't creep into the following year but it's still a good possibility.

I think you're right. Scouting and drafting already an inexact science. Covid circumstances probably going to lead to some big whiffs in the first round. 49ers traded a lot to move up. They must feel like they see a sure thing, but I wonder if it's going to be seen as a historically bad mistake a few years from now.

There will be a lot more later round picks that pan out and a lot more busts. Sad but true

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Yeah fr this is facts