Naruto (all series) I pretty terrible imo but am I the minority?
Frequent, glaring plotholes, poor management of character development, and power creep just running off to the moon has convinced me Naruto is one of the worse anime series. But its view count is crazy and people call it 'one of the big 3' and that drives me nuts. I'm no anime forum camper but I don't see this commented often? Are people sharing my negativity just polite and don't say shit?

tbf, all of the "big 3" are pretty bad. It only has high view count bc they're older running series and there's a lot of episodes.

minority af

belongs to it somehow xD

at the present time, however, I would no longer find it good.
But it was nice back then

It was pretty good before Shippuden. After that, far too many fillers, and yeah, it became Dragon Ball with regards to power levels. Also, fights were no longer about clever application of skills, but rather about overpowering the enemies.