Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or Disney Plus?
Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or Disney Plus: which streaming service is winning 2020 so far?

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Netflix hands down - the one that brought us tiger king

netflix deffo

netflix by far

They all have their shows but I find i can connect better with netflix for a VARIETY of things to enjoy

D+ has exclusives and Disney stuff BUT Netflix has sooooooooo much more content that they aren't on the same level.

Netflix definitely

Netflix hands down with so many amazing series. Amazon and Hulu nowhere near as much content. Disney+ is for  children.

Netflix, you have everything there

Netflix is prolly the best out there

i will go with netflix

i think its disney plus becyuse they have quality

It depends what you want to watch, I have all of them and in my opinion netflix is The best. I wouldn’t recommend amazon however, it does come with faster delivery and a shittier version of Spotify. Disney is more for kids unless you’re a big star war or marvel fan in which case you can binge all things regarding them.

netflix is still king butIn a year might see disney + get there. Only problem is I don't see Disney+ adding content from other studios/networks..

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Netflix and Disney+ for the children

netflix for adults and i think youll get good enough kids stuff for free

Netflix any day! But amazon prime has the office which sooo

Netflix no doubt, I would pay the Disney+ subscription if I had any kids or younger siblings tho.

Nothing can compare to Netflix.

Netflex definitely has the better selection. Only used Amazon Prime to watch The Boys.