Netflix worh it? want to try
i want to subscribe to netflix to past time during the covid lockdowns Sleepy . but i am not sure if it is worth it to spend some money a month on this website only to be able to find and watch shows and series for free on other websites. or are their programmes exclusively only watchable on netflix? thanks for suggestions  At

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Not worth it if you can be bothered to look around for a free source, but I am a lazy boi

Everything that is on Netflix can be found elsewhere

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i see. thats how i have been watching movies tbh ahah. thanks for the input

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i do not tink its worth it, but it is easy to use and has a lot of programmes in one website. so yeh. i have it. it just depends if you have a few extra to spend a month and how often you use it.

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i see thank you

It’s only worth it if you don’t feel like spending the couple extra mins looking for a link

Not really. You can find anything online for free, plus they are replacing most of the old series and movies with Netflix originals, that aren't really good. If you get it anyway, be sure to use a VPN to access region-locked content. I recommend checking out some South Korean movies

Go on bro that shit has all HD movies

Go on bro that shit has all HD movies Trust me man shit is way better than Netflix and you can cast.

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netflix is so worth it, it really is a time killer more than anything but there are also free alternatives out there that give the same experience

its not bad tbh but hbo max and hulu are great alternative if ur thinking of getting something else

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I think netflix is worth because it has a handful of watchable animes and stuff, although i kidn of stay away from american tv shows or dramas, and instead watch animes and american movies and even other types of movies

netflix is only good if you got a girl in bed, just for comfort. otherwise just pirate the stuff.

It's for convenience and they won't have everything, but it's not too expensive and will make life easier if  you're willing to pay a little.

I Went Ahead and made an account. i must say i am liking it so far. i like how all the things are all in one place and no need to search around for hours at time. thanks guys for the suggestions

tbh amazon prime has a better value for the same price of netflix you get bootleg netflix spotify amazon bonuses and twitch prime so heh
cant complain

its worth it for the first year... until you watch everything interesting.

Very fast streaming service but there are free alternatives if yoy dont mind the hassle of searching