New Indiana Jones Game

So what are the general thoughts, and opinions on the new Indiana Jones Game made by Bethesda, and Machine Games?
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Semi-hyped so far. There are a lot of possibilities with what you can do with Indiana Jones, but I'm hoping for something NOT in the vein of the last movie, at least. This game should have more depth in both story and the characters, but this has the potential to be a great game.

Expecting an open world assassins creed typa game

Bit worried Todd might fuck it up considering the last fallout games he's directed haven't been as good as they could be

It’s cool, but it’s too soon to be excited since they said it’ll be some time until they reveal more and they only really announced that the game is happening and nothing more.

I feel like it will probably be level based, alot of people are getting excited for an open world but I just don't see how one can be made, like why would indiana jones have a reason to stay in the place that he finished what he "came to do" or whatever.