New Saints row
Have you seen the new saints row trailer and gameplay vids? What do you think? I got pretty excited! I always remember this game as a fun and casual game. Cant wait to play it.

I liked SR3 but the art direction I think is terrible. I hope the gameplay and story stay away from all this millennial crap.

I have only played the first one, but it was good for its time. A fresh breath of air. Mustve been hard to walk in the shadow of gta. I guess its still hard

Saints row 3 is one of my favorite games, hopefully this new one is similar, I wasn’t a huge fan of 4

The new one looks good but it will inevitably be compared to GTA5 since we will never get GTA6 lol. GTA5 has become the new skyrim.

I think the game is going to be an absolute disaster