New Tattoo
Pretty much what the title says. Got a new tattoo pretty stoked about it. I won't share exactly what it is because it's too personal but I'm happy I finally got it. I've been wanting it for a long time but I've always been too busy or too broke to get it. 

Hurt too but totally worth it.

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Congrats ou first tattoo, i am also planning getting atleast a temporary tattoo.

Dude, i wanna get a tat on my chest but I’m afraid people will judge me and say that I’m a douchebag...what do you say, should I?

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congrets, im thinking about doing a japanese kanji tatoo, its so cool

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Dude fuck what anyone else says do whatever you want. I don't regret my tattoo in the slightest even if some people around me might disapprove, it's not for them it's for us

Congratulations dude. I'd like to get also a tattoo and i don't know why but Medusa's face is really something that i like. If you search on internet you can found some awesome faces of Medusa and i think it is so cool. can you give me your opinion on it?

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I think it's a pretty cool idea, definitely never seen anyone else do it!. My advice would be to do some serious research for a tattoo artist who can really draw faces and snakes. It's definitely complicated and you want the best person to be able to do it

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