New music suggestions
Has anyone discovered a new band or musician recently that they really like? I feel like this artist "clairo" has been my like covid anthen during lockdown.

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Clairo is the bomb and her new album is amazing. You could try Rex Orange County? Jacob Ogawa?

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I'll definitely check those bands out and yeah, clario is the shit, although I do perfer her earlier bedroom pop stuff.

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i’ve been feeling pinkpantheress a lot recently

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I checked out some of the suggestions.

I really dig Rex Orange Contry, Ive always liked their song "loving is easy" but never knew it was them.

For the Jacob guy, I could take it or leave it. Its not bad, but maybe I just wasnt feeling it.

I like the vibe from the pinkpatheress, getting a strong crystal castles vibe from them.

half moon run. i dont even like this kind of music typically but these guys are LEGENDS

This light be obvious but Billie Eillish? Her first album was a favorite of mine when it came out.

I'll have to check out the new Billie Eilish. I saw her live at ACL a couple of years ago and was really disappointed. She mumbled so low it was hard to actually hear her sing. I feel like she does better at an intimate small venue.

check out perfect pussy Wink

donda  Big Grin Big Grin

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