New things getting really cringey or we're getting old?
As far as I've noticed most of the new trends going on has been really cringe (especially the talentless thot tiktok), and I've had a minor thought. 

We sound like our parents criticizing the trends that used to be popular when we were younger. Does this mean everything is a cycle?

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The tech to broadcast yourself brings it to the next level. TikTok was absolutely a mistake. Recently discovered r/fakedisordercringe and let me tell you hooo boi ?

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With change comes critique, especially generational, but it’s both. Cringe today is far cringier than it was, think it has to do with everyone/thing being so fake and the need for major corporations run by old people to cater to kids.

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im with you, tiktok is so much more cringe than any of dad joke, lame talk, etc before

These new things are definitely cringey, but I think being more mature has a part in that.

It's both bruh. When we see what's too good, we become very expectant on something to be better.

You're not wrong though, TikTok can be cringe.

Both. But some things are probably cringey for those who are both old and young.

Idk, feels like it's becoming more superficial though

It's definitely a bit of both

I feel like age and maturity can justify your perception on popular trends, but I am pretty sure this has to be more about apps pushing a “family” friendly environment, nowadays the Internet is considered commonly a place for kids. I remember the golden ages of YouTube, the place was filled with less cringy and more genuine content, unfortunately all these apps keep trying hard to make this place “safer” for minors and so the side effects are things like TikTok.

Yes. I remember watching a vid where Vsauce talked about it...

found it, here ya go. It's called Juvenoia

RE: New things getting really cringey or we're getting old?.

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TLDR; People change over time and so does our perception of the thing around us.

Honestly I have no faith in the next few generations.

They're getting really cringey