News sites and education
So these days I often get bombarded with "news ads" when I go on suspiscious sites. Would it be monetised links, streaming films, etc., those kinds of sites that don't monitor ANY of their ads.

Today I saw one that looked like a very serious source. And, I know those kind of ads are often parodies of real media. But that one looked so real I had to google it. I'm pretty informed regarding what is what in my country and around as far as news outlets go. Including new players. But that one I had nver heard of (and for good cause, they don't exist).

And I wondered "if I, educated in that field, doubted, what of the average person?".

When press was invented, publications started flooding the streets and, after not long, it was used as propaganda and very non-serious outlets copied the fashion of serious ones to gain access to the public. I feel like despite everything we could put in place, this scheme is repeating and, sadly, won't be as easy to regulate.

Hence the question : if we can't stop people from doing fake news sites efficiently (as in "news sites that are fake", although they might produce armful fake news willfully as well^^), should we educate people to distruse the news?

Well, some people are already distrusing them, but on no other basis than principle.^^ That's not very productive. I'm just wondering if the existence of news (and their standards that are clearly abused on a wide scale) is still such a good thing for... anybody.

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Dude I couldn't agree with you more, it is soooo annoying!

no yeah for sure dude i couldnt have said it any better! its extremely annoying lol

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Definitely increasing the amount of critical thinking and skepticism in primary School would help!

The solution isn't to educate people to distrust the news, but rather to learn how to assess sources. An introductory course on epistemology would be great for that, though most people should have gotten the basics from having to write research papers in high school. Regardless, if we're going to educate, it's not helpful to educate that there are no reliable sources, but instead educate how to know which ones are which. At least, that's how I see it.