Nice plants for indoor and outdoor
Plants.. green.. what do you have in your house? What kinds do you prefer and why? Can you keep your plants very healthy, in the sun, water once a week. How do you do it?

Looking for some advice, tips and tricks.

It really depends on what you like, and what your temperate climate is, if you have winters, then not a lot of outside plants will do well indoors because certain plants go dormant.

Im all about the succulants. The little cacti are like indestructible against me forgetting to water them.

[Image: FD19296-WH-3.jpg]

I like this one. It's easy to maintain

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The above is a Chinese money plant (Pilea peperomioides), one of the easier plants, can be in bright indirect light.

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I was thinking of planting some mint outside my place because of the roaches. They hate the smell of mint. And since we have an auto sprinkler system, I don't have to worry about doing any watering.

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I like cactuses because they are very low maintenance

Mother in laws tongue is a good one. Low maintenance and can be either in or outdoors.

I learned something today. Roaches dont like mint. Thanks